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Installing clean HVAC and hot water heating technologies, including ground source and air source heat pump systems, can reduce your energy costs, decrease your carbon footprint, and increase everyday comfort. When paired with improved insulation and air sealing, the benefits are even greater. Heat pump systems heat and cool your home or office and provide hot water without burning fossil fuels. No on-site combustion means no risk of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.   


A Heat Pump is a form of cooling and heating system that is much like traditional systems, but operates in a more efficient and cost saving way. While Heat Pumps and traditional air conditioning systems operate similarly when cooling the air, it’s the added ability to produce heat that makes Heat Pump systems stand out.

When cooling, Heat Pumps operate much like any cooling system. They pull hot air from inside your home or business and pass it through refrigerated coils. After the coils cool the air, it is blown back into your home or business. The difference is in the heating factor. Heat Pumps can absorb heat energy from the air, even in freezing outdoor temperatures, and transfer that heat back inside.

LEARN MORE at the HeatSmart Capital Region website.

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