Electric Vehicles Charging Stations 

In an attempt to find a good "charger" or EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) for a homeowner or small business owner to purchase, we have found that there are many! So finding a favorite one for Solarize Albany is complex.

The first thing to understand: The car has the REAL charger inside it. This accepts AC from the power grid as 110 to 240 volts AC. The charger requires the EVSE, a device connected to the charging cord and plug, to tell the car's charger that it is connected to the appropriate power line, how much current is available, and that it can turn on.

The EVSE or charger comes in a variety of forms:

1. Wall mounted and hard wired to home circuit

2. Wall mounted with a plug to be used with a special outlet.

3. Portable (cord mounted) to be plugged into the home.

Designed to provide varied maximum currents:

1. Level I: 120 volts (a typical outlet) 

2. Level II: 240 volts

3. Both 120 volt or 240 volt service.

Some wall mounted units are weather proof and can be mounted outside

Time it takes to charge your vehicle

The higher the capacity of the charger, the faster it charges your vehicle. Higher amps means a quicker charge. 


However, most cars limit the charge rate to 3.3kw (under 16 amps ) so a level II EVSE of 32 or 40 amps will not charge those cars any faster. Be sure you know the charge rate of the vehicle you want to determine the best Charging Station for you.

Recommended Units