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Community Solar refers to a solar farm located within your electrical utility's service territory. This solar project generates utility bill credits based on the electricity produced, and as a subscriber, you'll receive a portion of these credits directly on your monthly electric bill, offsetting the charges.


  • Save up to 10% on Your Electricity Bills: Subscribers are guaranteed to save 10% on the value of community solar credits.

  • No Solar Panels on Your Roof or Property: Whether you own or rent, you can join without installing solar panels.

  • No Change to Your Electricity Supplier: Keep your existing provider – you’ll just pay less.

  • No Cost to Join or Cancel: Participation is hassle-free with no maintenance or insurance fees.

  • Start Saving Once the Project is Operational: Easy to get started with PowerMarket’s seamless sign-up process and support team for any questions.

  • Support Local, Clean Energy: Joining the community solar program enables you to contribute to sustainable energy in New York.


As the official community solar provider for Solarize Albany, PowerMarket specializes in helping communities capture the benefits of clean energy. With a focus on robust customer support and effective program management, PowerMarket aims to simplify the transition to clean energy for both individual subscribers and municipal partners. This approach ensures that renewable energy becomes a more accessible and cost-effective option for the communities served.

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