About Community Solar

Community Solar Is....

A great option for renters or homeowners with a poor roof for solar.

If you move within your load zone, your plan can move with you.

You never have to worry about maintenance.

You are not eligible for some state incentives to

reduce the cost of solar.



Subscription-based community Solar

How does Community Solar work?

  • Guaranteed Savings. No deposits or upfront payments. You only pay for electricity from the solar farm.

  • Electricity from the solar farm will always cost 10% less than the utility. No matter if your utility rates go up or down, the rate you pay will always be 10% less.

  • No roof required. Single-family homes, apartments renters, and condos can join.

  • No installation at your home. The installation at the solar farm produces the electricity.

  • You don't need to switch your electricity generator. Whether your generator is the utility or someone else, you just pay less.

  • Your payment for clean electricity goes to the solar farm, not the utility.