Rooftop Solar. How does it work?

Learn how solar cells and inverters work together to turn energy from the sun into electricity for your home:

Rooftop Solar. Is it the right choice for me?

Rooftop Solar is a good choice for you if:

A homeowner with a tax appetite, 

                            a suitable roof for solar,

     and would like to reduce your electricity bill every month.


If this does not describe you and you still want to reduce your electricity bill each month, check out our community solar offerings.

Meet the 2020 Installer. Apex Solar.

We have partnered this year with one local installer after carefully vetting them and ensuring that they provide quality service and equipment

Solar Panels and Manufacturer Location

Trina 300W, made in China

Site Visits and Deposits

Free site visits.

$500 deposit with signed proposal


25-year workmanship

25-year on panels

12-year on inverters with

extensions available

10 year KWH Production guarantee

Timeline-Contract to Installation

50 Days

Pricing-Roof Mount

$2.75/watt Trina 300

Other panels avaliable, adding .50-.75 cents/watt

Purchase/Lease Options

Multiple purchase and loan options. Long-term lease and PPA option.

Type of Inverter

DC optimizers by SolarEdge

Learn more about inverters in this helpful video

Pricing-Ground Mount

.50 cents/watt added to roof pricing