RFP Answers

1. Does Solarize Albany already have a list of leads ready to be assessed by the selected installer(s)? If so, how many?
We currently have one new lead. However, we are just kicking off our 2016 campaign and are beginning to promote at events. Therefore, we will be getting more enrollment within the next few months.
2. I understand the program is focused on Albany County, but will the selected installer(s) be expected to provide the discounted pricing to surrounding Capital District counties?
If a neighboring county has a solarize program, it would be within that campaign’s installer’s jurisdiction to provide the discounted pricing in that county.
If a neighboring county does not have a Solarize Program, we will hope that our installer honors its quoted price to Solarize Albany in those neighboring communities.
3. Will marketing/outreach materials be co-branded with the selected installer(s) logo? Or will it only have the program logo? 
We envision that the installer will provide marketing materials to Solarize Albany that are not co-branded and focus solely on the Solarize Albany Brand.
4. Attachment C doesn't specify the range of residential sales for the three tiers. What are they? 
The tiers are as follow: Tier 1: 1kW - 100 kW; Tier 2: 101kW - 200kW; Tier 3: 201kW +

However, Solarize Albany would appreciate the installer give us a simplified pricing proposal with a single reduced price across all tiers.
The RFP from SolarizeAlbany referenced a March 1 submission date; we are deferring to the NYSERDA date of March 3.  Q&A is also extended.
Per a request by NYSERDA and agreement within SA we have extended our SUBMISSION DEADLINE to March 17 at 5pm.  ALL qualified installers, received or tardy, are encouraged to submit Questions and a competitive bid prior to that date & time.  Proposals will then be assessed by SA for our 2016 campaign with selection on, or around, April 1.
Again, qualified bidders now have until MARCH 17 at 5pm!